Entourage holds a special place in the hearts of many TV lovers. If not their hearts, at least a special place on the dorm room wall.

Just like college friendships and high school athletic ability, you might remember Entourage a little bit more fondly than you should. For teenagers everywhere, the show acted as a live-action Maxim magazine, delivering hot women, broad humor, and escapism in popcorn-light doses. Looking back at Entourage, you're left feeling that, while the characters didn't grow over almost a decade on the air, you certainly did.

How does the show look now? So few of the plot points are believable. So little is at stake for the characters. Like realizing that you weren't quite as cool as you remember yourself being in, say, 9th grade, revisiting Entourage is a sobering experience. The women still look pretty and Johnny Drama is still pretty funny, but that's about it. Cue up that Jane's Addiction theme song one more time because like it or not, Vince is doing the movie. Here are Entourage's 25 Biggest Fails.

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