There's an invisible line that you just don't cross as a professional. For example, a doctor telling a patient that blowing her husband more frequently is a quick and easy way to fix her gag reflex. That's so out of pocket. The Sacramento native was slated to have an upper-gastrointestinal procedure, but was apprehensive because her gag reflex is extremely sensitive. 

Dr. J. Peter Zegarra allegedly came up with an easier solution. He told her that "practicing twice a week on her husband by giving him a blowjob" should solve the problem. Zegarra received a stiff reprimand from the California Medical Board for crossing the line. 

Not only is that unprofessional, it's mad creepy. Would you want some perv operating on you after he dropped a bomb like that? Didn't think so. Oral sex and oral surgery should never intersect, not even in conversation.

[via Gawker]