In April of 2003, Amanda Berry vanished, disappearing into thin air a day before her 17th birthday. Yesterday, she was found in Cleveland along with two other womenGina DeJesus and Michelle Knightthanks to one unassuming hero: Charles Ramsey

Ramsey lives next door to the Seymour Avenue home where the women were found along with a 6-year-old girl who police say is Berry's daughter. In a unintentionally hilarious interview with Cleveland's Fox8, Ramsey reveals that he was enjoying McDonald's on his day off when he heard screams. Those screams belonged to Berry.

"I'm eating my McDonald's; I come outside; I see this girl going nuts," the animated, V-neck clad Ramsey explains. "I knew something was wrong when a little pretty white girl ran into a black man's arms. Something is wrong here. Dead giveaway!" No punches pulled, which is precisely why this man needs to be on television. He's so unapologetic, so honest and so good natured. Still, you can tell he was coached on what not to say prior to going live.

Speaking of unapologetic, that sums up his two-minute 911 call. You know you're in for a wild ride anytime a story begins with "Aye bro...":

The three women and the girl had been held captive by 52-year-old Ariel Castro, the home's owner. Ramsey is appalled; the discovery that this seemingly "good dude," who he used to barbecue and listen to salsa music with was, in fact, a monster is almost too much for him to handle. He adds that had he known what was going on in the house next to his, he and his goon squad would've executed a rescue mission like the Avengers a year ago.

The women were released from the hospital this morning. Castro, along with brothers Pedro and Onil, was arrested and the FBI is probing the incident. Meanwhile, Ramsey has become an unconventional modern day hero; a 2013 Rorschach even. Back at work, his employer took the time to thank him for his heroics:

A promotion is in order.

UPDATE: The come up begins:

[via Gawker and WKYC]