In a turn that's both surprising and honorable, Charles Ramsey says he does not endorse a series of Ohio-area restaurants that are offering him free hamburgers for life and using his name to promote a new burger. In a written statement delivered through his attorney Patricia Walker, Ramsey said "I never told these people they could use my name for this." 

It began when Hodge's Restaurant, where Ramsey works as a dishwasher, created the "Ramsey Burger" in honor of him. Soon after, over a dozen local restaurants decided to offer Ramsey free burgers until he departs this life. Ramsey isn't interested.

According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Scott Kuhn of the Driftwood Restaurant Group said that the burger will no longer be available on the menu. "We are saddened to hear that Chuck did not take this — or the offer of so many Cleveland restaurants to give him free meals — in the spirit we intended," Kuhn said.

Ramsey rose to fame earlier this month after he helped rescue Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight from the captivity of his neighbor, Ariel CastroWalker says that Ramsey has not authorized any merchandise, and that he "encourages people to do things that will help the victims." 

[via Associated Press]

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