The boulevard is not that bad, eh? Tempers flared between costumed characters on Hollywood Boulevard yesterday as Captain America faced off with Spider-Man in a battle for the ages. In another hilarious twist, this superhero brawl went down right in front of the Madame Tussauds kiosk; imagine the spectacle of two of the most well-known superheroes knuckle up in front of a famous wax museum.

According to witnesses, Captain America served Spider-Man, leaving him bloodied. After tourists marvelled at the fight, Vernardo Stroud broke it up. Apparently, the two "heroes" were fighting over alleged tourist harassment and territory. It's real out there on Hollywood Boulevard; don't infringe on someone else's corner. 

Captain America impersonator Juan Diego says the fight "is not good for the image, the perception, the spirit of Hollywood" because they're all "ambassadors." No arrests were made, because you can't arrest Captain America and Spider-Man. The joint can't hold them.

[via CBS Los Angeles]

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