Last month, close to 20 pounds of heroin and crystal meth were seized in Queens and the Bronx. Authorities say the four kilos of meth was created inside of a lab in Mexico are worth $960,000, while the four-and-a-half kilos of heroin is valued at over a million dollars. Members of the New York Sate Police Special Investigations Unit witnessed three men deliver three kilos of  "black tar" heroin in the Bronx on Apr. 9. Police raided a Queens home, finding the other 1.5 kilos of heroin, the 4 kilos of meth, a 9mm handgun, a loaded magazine clip and $2,000 stashed inside of a vent.

They also discovered materials used to produce meth and a ledger for all of the meth transactions. Why would you ever keep a written record of criminal activity? Anyway, Henry NunezDiego Estevez and Miguel Mercado-Guelen have all been leveled with conspiracy and drug charges. Mercado-Guelen is way up shit's creek, considering that he was deported ten years ago.

[via Gothamist]