Tomorrow, new restaurant Harlem Shake (100 West 124th St.) will open in—get thisHarlem. The restaurant's walls are adorned with over 300 JET magazine covers and it also features a cool, '70s-style neon sign that reads "BURGERS." Considering the name, the biggest concern surrounds whether it was named for the original Harlem Shake, or this confusing new trend that has left Harlem residents incensed. Because the restaurant is in Harlem and familiar with tradition, it features a portrait of model Shannon Thornton showing off the real Harlem Shake.

As for the food, there are two-ounce burgers prepared "smashed style" on a toasted Martin's Potato Roll. There are specialty burgers like the Jerk Fry Burger which is topped with jerk seasoning and smoked jerk mayo. Then there are the milkshakes, which range from the usual flavors to red velvet and are made with Blue Marble ice cream. 

[via Gothamist]