While most of us know who Amanda Bynes is, facial recognition is apparently not enough for the U.S. Transportation Security Administration. According to TMZ, the actress was barred from boarding a private plane to LAX when she tried to use Google in lieu of a government-issued I.D., because hers has been suspended after a DUI.

Bynes is, reportedly, denying this happened, but sources at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey claim that the actress - who they said was "wearing a velour jumpsuit and giant glasses" because this is important information - showed up to board a private plane last Sunday. When the pilot was checking passenger I.D.s before the flight, Bynes was reportedly unable to produce hers because her license has been suspended. Instead, sources say she told the pilot to Google her instead, and screamed "I'm Amanda Bynes!"

Reportedly, the pilot did attempt to contact the jet company in an effort to see if there could be some sort of exemption, but since Google does not count as an official source of identification, she wasn't allowed on the flight.

Can you really blame them though? They were probably just remembering that time Bynes claimed it totally wasn't her walking around the streets of NYC with red hair while wearing socks and sandals even though it really looked like her. Impostors are everywhere! The TSA can never be too careful.

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[via TMZ]