On May 31, the incredible new sci-fi action/thriller, After Earth, will debut in theaters nationwide. The film pairs real life father/son duo Will and Jaden Smith as Cypher and Kitai Raige, who crash-land on an Earth that has been abandoned by humans for over 1,000 years. But this is not the same Earth we’re all used to; the animals have evolved, the terrain has become increasingly unstable, and, oh yeah, there's a dangerous alien on the loose.
Sound overwhelming?

Well, lucky for you, Complex has come up with the ultimate After Earth Survival Guide to help all you foolish naysayers who still think you’re safe on this planet to protect yourselves from the danger ahead. It’s about to get real up in this planet, and when you quickly realize that you're nowhere near as future-Earth savvy as Will and Jaden, you’ll be thankful we shared this with you. Click the jump for Complex’s ultimate After Earth survival guide.