NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly has resorted to making up words in his effort to defend the controversial "stop-and-frisk" practice. The initiative has been criticized for targeting African-American and Latino males, but Mayor Bloomberg argued that the number of minorities being stopped is "unfairly" being compared to the general population of African-American and Latino men. 

Bloomberg added that the number of stops should be compared to the descriptions of those being stopped. In an interview with ABC's Nightline, Kelly took it one step further saying if you apply Bloomberg's logic,  "African-Americans are being understopped." Whatever that means.

So basically, up to 75 percent of violent crime victims describe their attackers as a black males. According to Kelly, only 53 percent of African-Americans are stopped, meaning police aren't racially profiling people, they're just going off the occasionally inaccurate and vague information being provided to them.

Way to pass the buck as you protect and serve.

[via Capital New York]

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