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Creative gamers make a lot of mind-blowing fan tributes to their favorite series, but this GlaDOS robotic arm ceiling lamp is one of the craziest DIY projects we've seen, especially since it was created with a 3D printer. If you're interested in making one of your own (and you actually have access to a 3D printer), it takes a whopping 40-60 hours to print out all the necessary pieces—not to mention the time it takes to assemble it in GlaDOS' psychotic image.
Detailed PDF instructions over at instructables include assembly options to make GlaDOS' arm actually move (or you can just keep it stationary—your choice). It's a bit technical, but if you're a serious enough Portal 2 fan with access and a little know-how, you could easily be the envy of all your friends. Check out the video of GlaDOS in action below.