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The sad truth is that we spend about as much time with our favorite fictional characters as we do our real-life friends. Between our jobs, sleeping, and watching Game of Thrones and Mad Men, we can barely squeeze in the time to see our drinking buddies once a month. When your favorite TV show is in season, you are probably spending more time with Walter White than you are with your former co-worker who moved across town. After hours of bleary-eyed streaming, we start to feel we know some of these characters better than people who actually exist. We can evem imagine ourselves grabbing a few beers with a supporting character or two.

Our heroes aren't usually the ones we want to have drinks with. The square-jawed everyman might make a good protagonist, but who wants to drink with Raylan Givens and Robb Stark? There are those characters though, usually with second-tier billing, that we feel like we could share a beer with. They aren't the most heroic or dynamic, and they definitely aren't the most attractive, but damn it, we would love to split a pitcher with them. Open up a tab for the 25 TV Characters We Wish We Could Get Drunk With.

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