It's amazing to think about how much technology has changed since you were a kid. Downloading a song used to take as long as it takes to download an entire season of Game of Thrones now. The word "Myspace" wasn't automatically followed with mocking laughter. You were happy to have a cell phone that didn't double as a computer. Just as your childhood had important social milestones like your first kiss and your senior prom, there were also important tech milestones like that time you finally "pwned" your friends in Halo and would never again be referred to as a n00b.

Technology changes so much that no two generations, or even two people born a year apart, experience technology in quite the same way. Because of this, technology is forever intertwined with your childhood experience: it is part of what made it unique. From your first Internet connection to the worst search engines, these are 25 Tech Moments That Defined Your Childhood.