Executive: CBS

Even if Leslie Moonves had never gone to work for CBS, his contributions to television would still be remembered. While working for Warner Bros. Television, he green-lit legendary shows like Friends and ER.

In an industry where executive longevity is rare, Moonves has enjoyed a long career at CBS that has made him the most powerful man at television's most powerful network. A high-level executive at CBS since 1995, Moonves has overseen some major developments, including the merger of UPN and the WB, and shepherding Survivor and CSI into mega-hit status.

Moonves has earned so much trust from the business community that when the Charlie Sheen debacle surfaced a few years back, unfazed investors were quoted as saying, "Les will figure it out." With the instability of the other big four networks, you have to wonder what state television would be in if Moonves and CBS weren't propping up what many view as a dying television model.