Neighborhood: Williamsburg
Address: 48 S 4th St. (between Wythe Ave & Kent Ave), Brooklyn
Type of douche: Drugged up, creepy douches

The Woods is a disgusting, gaping hole where you can smell the terrible coke oozing out of people's pores as soon as you walk in. During the week this spot is perfectly fine, but on the weekends, this is a destination for all the frat bros who are already blacked out drunk and their female counterparts in sparkly tops who are looking to explore this "edgy" Brooklyn they've heard so much about. Add in a smattering of NYU students new to the city who can't stop sniffing or clenching their jaws (now you know why the bathroom lines are so long) and a crowd that is boorish, wasted, and trying to rub up on you, and you've got the formula for failure. Enter with awareness of what you're getting yourself into.