Neighborhood: Murray Hill
181 Lexington Ave
Type of douche: A heady mix of finance bros and bridge and tunnel imports

Every one of Brother Jimmy's locations is a drunken shitshow. There's really no other way to put it. And when your motto is, "Put some south in yo' mouth," and you serve fishbowls full of who-the-hell-knows-what, we don't feel bad saying so. But it's not even encouraging binge drinking that makes your bar douchey, it's the type of person who frequents your Midtown location, who chooses to slurp on swamp water to unwind after work at some finance gig while waiting for the train to Hoboken, and then gets belligerent and tries to kick it to girls. While holding a fishbowl with BBQ sauce on his tie because he didn't even do the tuck-in-trick. Oh, for shame.