The days of brick and mortar video game retail outlets are numbered. We know it, they know it, everyone knows it. With digital distribution on the horizon with next generation consoles, it's almost certain that the old way of selling video games is rocketing into a collision course with extinction.

That doesn't stop us from running into a local GameStop for the latest releases though. As as much as we whine and complain about our experiences there we often fail to realize exactly what the person behind the counter is going through. Imagine being bombarded with questions from know-it-alls and show-offs who come into the store just to test your gaming knowledge. Even worse, constantly being asked about the ending of a game that just came out a week ago. 

We felt it was high time to give a nod to the GameStop employees and clear up some of the misconceptions we have about them. These 10 Questions You Should Never Ask A GameStop Employee will give you a crystal clear understanding about what they have to deal with when we crazy gamers walk through the glass door.

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