There are watering holes that have been around for as long as our constitution has. In fact, the very pub where the 55 members of the Continental Congres(and George Washington) went to celebrate post-signing still exists. Of course, you'll have to drink there at some point. 

Authors Clint Lanier and Derek Hembree's new book, Bucket List Bars, lists the favorite spots of our Founding Fathers, the places where celebrities go to put a few back, and the joints that you wouldn’t normally walk into—but you should.

While attending New Mexico State University, Lanier and Hembree had the idea to travel the country and visit these sacred imbibing spots. Strewn across twelve regions of the United States, these 40 storied institutions have character that reflect the history of a region, of a people, of an event or a way of life that’s now long gone.

Here, Clint and Derek share 10 of those legendary establishments: 10 Iconic American Bars You Should Add to Your Bucket List.

To read about more of the infamous American saloons where gun and knife fights, prostitution, gambling and bootlegging were once the norm, pick up a copy of Bucket List Bars, available on Amazon now.  

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