Move over baseball, sexting is our new national pastime. With the rise of emojis, sexting has become even more enticing because you don't have to be a modern day Cyrano to get your point across. So much lust can be conveyed by those little images built right into your iPhone keyboard. You can't let your sexting game slip though or you might just find that your girl goes to someone else for digital romance. You can't just send your standard hearts and smiley faces or you'll end up just another unread message in her inbox. Next time you are sexting with a significant other, you need to make sure that you stand out. Lucky for you, the team at Complex Tech has decided to pass along our sexting successes to you so that you can continue to hit it digitally on the daily. Open up your notes app because it's time for 10 Emojis to Send While Sexting.

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