For years, Zach Braff has been trying to get a sequel to Garden State off the ground, but after realizing he'd have to relinquish creative control in order to finance it, he turned to Kickstarter for help.

In a cameo-rich video, the Scrubs star explains how Veronica Mars inspired him to hop on the crowdfunding bandwagon. To produce the film Wish I Was Here, Braff is hoping to hit $2 million by May 24. Pledge $10 and you'll get a production diary; throw down $20 and you can hear the soundtrack before everyone else, not bad considering  GS' won a Grammy and went platinum. 

Like Garden State, Wish I Was Here is a semi-autobiographical tale that follows 30-ish struggling actor Aidan Bloom who wants to homeschool his kids. There's some nerdiness to the story, including fantasy sequences and a brother who's obsessed with Comic Con, but more than anything Braff says it's about discovering what matters most. Or something like that. 

[via Mashable]