Yahoo's new standalone calendar app launched today, and from what we can tell, it looks solid. 

Yahoo! Weather features Flickr integration, meaning you'll finally get a glimpse of snow in Siberia and how charming Paris is in the springtime. Even better, you can check these images at any given time, conveniently on your smartphone. 

"Today what we do is read the weather. You're looking a numbers on a chart, and you're basically reading," Adam Chen, Yahoo's SVP of Mobile and Emerging Products told Mashable. "The idea is that most of us when we experience weather we really want to see the weather."

Photos are pulled from Flickr's Project Weather and change based on the weather and time of day. If there's no photo set for a specific location, you'll see a generic photo instead. In terms of data, the app showcases current weather, wind and pressure information and stats on sunrise and sunset. The app's available now in the Apple App Store

[via Mashable]