If you haven't yet seen last night's episode of The Walking Dead and wish to remain spoiler-free, look away right now. For everyone else who's either seen the episode or doesn't care about spoilers, let's talk about last night's doozy of an finale. The episode, as anticipated, featured the major Rick's prison vs. Woodbury showdown, and while there were deaths, the most surprising aspect was actually who didn't die.

So, in addition to Rick and co., who's going to be back next season? None other than this guy:

That's right - despite dying in the comics, it has been officially announced that The Governor (David Morrissey) will live to be an eyepatch-wearing psychopath for another season, despite only signing on to the series for one year. It's not too clear on what his arc will be, but we can hope the above GIF (or this video) is some sort of hint, right?

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[via Vulture]