Kate Middleton, aka Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, finally debuted her ever-so-tiny baby bump the other day, but this time, she added a wand. Kate, Will, and Harry visited the Harry Potter set at Warner Brothers in Hertfordshire, and it was amazing.

The royal trio played with wands and saw costumes used in the films. Kate and Will then had a little wand duel. They also got to see props from the Batman movies, which Will and Harry seemed more insterested in. Apparently Will joked that they should borrow the Batmobile for the weekend. In all honestly, they could probably hook that up.

Kate's polka dot Topshop dress is already sold out—the "Kate Middleton effect" doesn't slow down with pregnancy! The royal baby is due in July. 

Kate and William Harry Potter wand battle by itnnews

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[via The Cut]