After being tested by the web's biggest "influencers," Twitter #music is finally open to the rest of us. 

Users can try the service on the web and iPhone starting today. It will roll out in the App Store over the next few hours.

The app, which we've covered extensively on this site, aims to help people discover and listen to new music based on the artists you follow, what's trending on Twitter and who friends might be into.

Twitter #music is broken down into four sections: #NowPlaying, Popular, Emerging and Suggested. Emerging aims to uncover up-and-coming talent via tweets, while Suggested shows artists you might like based on whomever you follow. 

The service also integrates third-party services, such as Rdio, Spotify and iTunes to give users an seamless experience. Users can play tunes from Rdio and Spotify without ever leaving the app. 

For a more in-depth look at how the app works, we suggest checking out Joanna Stern's writeup in ABC News

[via Twitter Blog]