Director: Adam Bhala Lough

This fast-paced documentary focuses on the top eight street skaters in the game right now —Chris Cole, Bastien Salabanzi, Paul Rodriguez, Sean Malto, Luan Oliveira, Ryan Sheckler, Chaz Ortiz and Nyjah Huston—as they train, bail and mentally psych themselves up for the ultimate street skating competition, the Rob Dyrdek-hosted Street League Championship. Not only is $200K on the line, but so is the reputation of each athlete. 

Thanks to the film, you'll see that the life of a pro skater isn't entirely riddled with cop chases, trespassing, and "destruction of private property." It's a lot more lucrative than a person with no experience with the sport would ever assume. Endorsement deals, fame, and a chunk of prize money for contest wins can make the youngest of skaters even more successful than their own parents.

But, of course, that's easier said than done, and The Motivation chronicles the obstacles—everything from broken bones to broken homes—to get there.