The $1 slice of pizza is obviously a cost-efficient alternative to what the Wall Street Journal calls "midpriced" pizza places located in Manhattan, and they're springing up everywhere. This is good for your pockets, but bad for the pockets of the aforementioned pizza places. According to John Arena, a Las Vegas pizza expert: "The 99-cent slice is a giant step towards killing the classic New York pizza experience."

Manhattan pizzeria owners are going to desperate measures, slashing prices in an effort to compete with the $1 slice. Vinny Vincenz in the East Village reduced the price of single slices from $2.50 to $1 when a rival2 Bros. Pizza—became its next door neighbor. 

It's still unknown if the $1 slice is a permanent threat or just another fad that will play itself out, especially since other boroughs haven't felt the competitive heat that Manhattan is feeling right now. Regardless, the customers looking to save a buck or two are the winners—for the moment, at least.

[via Gothamist]

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