What first looked like F.B.I. suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's Twitter profile page was only a troll, reports Slate. Apparently, the @Dzhokhar account was @FootyTube_ in disguise, just with a different handle, picture and bio. 

If the troll behind @FootyTube_ was initially trying to cover his tracks, he did an exceptionally poor job of it. The "new" account was following the exact same number of people as before, and even the last tweet—"#WorstThingsInFootball Suarez"—was identical. Now the profile page admits it's a hoax: "This is a PARODY account and is no way shape or form related with the real Dzhokhr Tsarnaev." But still. 

Another fake account popped up this morning as well, @Dzhokhar_A, and has been posting throughout the morning, having amassed over 5,000 followers already.

Twitter trolls are a scourge on the net, especially during breaking news, and especially at a time when the whole city of Boston's on lockdown due to a unspeakable act of violence that's already left three people dead and hundreds seriously injured, perhaps for life. Here's hoping these guys disappear off the web for good. 

[via Slate]