To wear a helmet, or to not wear a helmet? Two women from Denmark just might have a fashionable solution to your question.

Geared up with sensors and a gas inflator, Hövding is a helmet unlike any other you’ve seen at your local bike shop. At first, it resembles a collar you fit around your neck while riding. In the chance you are pegged by a speeding car or miss a pothole in the ground, an airbag literally explodes out from the collar just in the knick of time to save your most important organ. It covers almost the entire head in 0.1 seconds, while leaving space open in the front to save some visibility--good thing, since you might be feeling a little woozy after being swatted like a fly by a NYC taxi. The material is made of an ultra-strong fabric that will keep it from tearing apart while skidding against the pavement. Made by design students Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin, the collars currently come in all black or a floral pattern.

Feel like taking a ride on the wild side? You can order one now from the Hövding website for 400 Euro, which is a little more than $500.

[via Vimeo]