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Adult Content Being Downloaded in the Vatican Unveiled, Seems like everybody has a naughty streak nowadays. Thanks to Torrent Freaks, some questionable downloads made within the Vatican have been discovered! (4/08)

Google Glass Banned From Strip Clubs, Casinos, It hasn’t even been released yet but Google Glass is already causing a stir. Find out why many places have already banned this product. (4/8)

NPR Launches New Blog Covering "Race, Culture and Ethnicity," Headed by former Huffington Post editor and PostBourgie.com founder Gene Demby, the company debuted Code Switch,  which is dedicated to the "overlapping themes of race, ethnicity and culture." (4/8)

AT&T Partners With Boingo for Free Global Wi-Fi, Customers of AT&T officially get free wi-fi basically all over the world. If you weren’t a customer before, it may be the time to make the switch. (4/09)

Facebook Introduces New Emoticon Status Update Feature, As if Facebook doesn’t already make enough changes, they have now added optional emoticons into the status update feature. We have a feeling people may like this, though. (4/9)

The New Macs Could Be Faster Than a Speeding Bullet, 5G is on its way! This mean you will be able to download within seconds. (4/10)  

Why Most Americans Watch Television With a Second Screen, Are you one of those people that watches TV while simultaneously being on your phone or tablet? You’re not alone, find out why here. (4/10)

Twitter Reacts to Jay-Z’s “Open Letter” Track, With the return of Jay-Z comes some mixed feelings. Check out the Twitter's thoughts on his recently released track, “Open Letter”. (4/11)

Why Apple’s App Store Censorship is Socially Conflicting, Do you think it’s right that the App Store censors apps just on content alone? (4/11) 

Survey Says Nobody Wants a BlackBerry, A survey, conducted by Raymond James last month, asked what features make someone more likely to purchase a phone: Lower price, bigger screen, or better functionality. Apparently, BlackBerry failed on three counts. (4/11)

LinkedInBuys News-Reading App Pulse for $90 MillionLinkedIn's days as a repository for resumes and business contacts are numbered, as the site has acquired the company behind the popular social news-reading app Pulse for a reported $90 million. With 30 million active users, Pulse offers a golden opportunity for LinkedIn to become "a full-fledged information destination unto itself." (4/12)