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Social Media Fail Lands Cocaine Kingpins in Jail, Thanks to social networking sites, this gang landed themselves in the slammer. After posting some questionable pictures on Facebook and Instagram, it was quite easy for authorities to track the gangs whereabouts. (4/15)

Four Apple Executives Took home $291 Million Combined Last Year, These senior officials get paid with stock options rather than the typical bi-weekly payday. You won’t believe these executives’ yearly salaries from 2012. (4/15)

Andy Rubin says Android was Never Intended for Smartphones, The smartphone we all know and love runs on software that was never actually intended to be used for that purpose. Read on to see what Android was actually made for. (4/16)

Facebook iOS App to Get “Some of the Features from Home, Facebook Home is an app that was intended for phones that run on Android. However, Facebook says that it will try to produce it for iOS as well. (4/16)

Everything You Need to Know About BitcoinIf you've been paying attention to the news recently you've probably seen more than a couple stories about something called Bitcoin. Created in 2009, the decentralized, digital "cryptocurrency" shot to fame in the past few months after its market price soared above $70. (4/16)

The Internet Has Some Strange Conspiracies About Boston Marathon Bombing, In an attempt to try to understand the horrific bombing that took place at the Boston Marathon on Monday, the Internet community started pointing out some strange inconsistencies. (4/17)

Apple Makes More Money Than the Top 5 PC Makers Combined, Apple sales might be lower than they have been in a while, but that doesn’t mean much when you look at their bottom line. (4/17)

Looking For Helpers: On Social Media Swarms in Violent Tragedies, In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing, a close look at how we consume public tragedy online. (4/17)

First Look: Twitter #music Is a Beautiful Thing, As quickly as you feel in love with Twitter, you will probably fall faster for Twitter #music. (4/18)

Are Drake and TheFancy.com CEO Joe Einhorn BFFs?, Talk about having friends in high places. (4/18) 

HTC One Hits Stores TodayThe all-metal unibody handset is being sold across a wide range of outlets, including Car Toys, Sprint, Radio Shack, Walmart, Target, Amazon, Sam's Club and HTC.com. (4/19)