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Playboy Launches New iPhone App, Sorry Playboy fans, there won’t be any nudity contained in the app. However, there are plenty of images that leave very little to the imagination. (4/1)

Apple Turns 37: A Look Back at Steve Jobs' Great Leap Forward, On the occasion of Apple's 37th birthday, the question must be asked: How far has the company come?

Russian Government Has Begun to Censor the Internet, Following in the footsteps of countries such as Iran and China Russia has begun censoring the Internet by blocking illegal and dangerous material from children. (4/1)

This Man Invented the Search Engine and Never Saw a Dime, This man invented what can essentially be considered the first Google, but never patented his idea. Oddly enough, he seems content in his decision. Would you be? (4/2)

Twitter Reboots ‘Twitter for Business’, We all know how amazing Twitter is for personal networking. Now, check out how Twitter can help your business. (4/2)

Are Touchscreens Ruining Childhood?, The days where kids are coloring or playing outside are long gone. Today everything is digital, but how is this digital world effecting our kids? (4/3)

Mobile Phone Calls Turn 40 Today, Happy Birthday to all the cell phones out there! (4/3)

‘Harlem Shake’ Hits 1 Billion Milestone, The latest dance craze to take over our lives has hit it’s 1 Billionth view. And, it only took 40 days to achieve! Hop on the bandwagon now. (4/4)

‘Vanity Fair’ named Silicon Valley’s Most Stylish, Vanity Fair has released a list of the most stylish executives in Silicon Valley. You won’t believe the tech mega-players that are considered stylish. (4/4) 

Roger Ebert's 50 Most Memorable Tweets, The Pulitzer Prize-winning film critic was a man of many words-and a master of 140 characters. (4/5)