Played by: David Hyde Pierce and Jane Leeves

Over the 11-season run (really?) of Frasier, the Niles-loves-Daphne was the most enduring and interesting plotline. Daphne's a physical therapist who was hired to take care of the Crane patriarch, but she soon became more valuable to the series as the object of Niles' simmering lust. And it is full-on lust: Though Niles is supposedly all brainy and a bit effeminate, Daphne shows him how to be a man, you know, with desires and stuff. When Daphne walks past, he inhales the scent of her hair; when she bends over, he checks out her butt.

She's oblivious to his desires and constant ogling for the first six seasons, but they end up getting married and having a child. White intellectuals need life below the waist too.