Played by: Ed O'Neill and Katy Sagal

Al and Peggy Bundy might be the only truly sexual main characters ever to grace a classic prime time sitcom. They have sex, and it's discussed on the show, with Peggy complaining about Al's stamina. They both like dirty magazines and go to strip clubs, with Peggy being notorious for trying to get too friendly in the back rooms with the male dancers. Peggy has no marketable skills, nor any interest in a career or housework; she has big hair and big curves, which she jams into very tight outfits; and she has a childlike understanding of the world grownups are expected to live in—in a way, she's an aging sex kitten, a second-rate Brigitte Bardot of lower middle class American suburbia.

Whatever she is, Al totally digs it. Sure, he's constantly cranky, and tired, and befuddled by what his life has become, and makes a big deal of sulking off to the john to get away from her—but he totally digs her.

Ah, Married... With Children. There never was, and never will be, a show quite like it.