Sex and TV sitcoms go together like—well, actually, they don't. Because of broadcasting standards and current social mores, American sitcoms are notoriously prudish.

But there are exceptions. There are couples whose repressed sexual attraction is a running gag—the ex-ballplayer and the uptight career woman, for instance. And there are couples who are obviously sexual even if they never get too sexy on screen—you have to assume that a dashing astronaut and a busty genie are making hot monkey love. And then there's Al and Peg Bundy, the Sid and Nancy of sitcoms.

Here are the 25 Most Sexual Sitcom Couples of All Time, starting with Ross and Rachel from Friends. Just kidding! Ross and Rachel were the opposite of sexual, the sort of tortured, joyless, endless relationship that is about everything but sex.

As we were saying: the 25 Most Sexual Sitcom Couples of All Time...

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