If you knew anything about Ken Levine and Irrational Studios' Bioshock: Infinite before you even played it, it's that the story would be top-notch. The game didn't disappoint, with an ending that's one of the most convoluted, multi-layered, head-scratching slow-burner conclusions to a story in recent memory, game or not. It was sophisticated, emotional, smart, brilliant, and most importantly, made you want to play through the game again the moment it ended.

That said: Some people have gone the distance to dig deep not just into the facts of Infinite's story to piece together the truth about some characters, but to find the easter eggs, clues, and mind-blowing moments that went right by us (and were right under us), not just on the first play-through, but on the second and third times, too.

As such, we've dug deep into the layers and corners of Bioshock Infinite obsessives to help you not just piece together its complex storylines, but some of its greatest secrets, too. 

These are The 25 Mindblowing Things You Need to See After Beating Bioshock Infinite. 

[And, not that we need to tell you, but SPOILER ALERT, SPOILER ALERT, SPOILER ALERT.]

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