Set In Year: 2032
Prediction(s): Crime is nonexistent; a 2010 earthquake caused Los Angeles and San Diego to become one city—San Angeles; Sandra Bullock wants to bang Sylvester Stallone, but without actual penetration.

You'd have to suspend disbelief over the course of a few decades in order to accept the many erroneous premises of Demolition Man. The 1993 film is set in 1996, when a chancy cop (Sylvester Stallone) and a notorious criminal (Wesley Snipes) are both cryogenically frozen (nope!) then simultaneously thawed out (wrong!) in 2032 to resume their issues. In between, an enormous earthquake takes out most of L.A., forcing it to merge with San Diego into a brand-new city: San Angeles. Oh, and there's no crime. But the most laughable part of it all? When Sandra Bullock invites The Italian Stallion for a roll in the hay (or what he calls "The Hunka-Chunka")—except there's no touching and it's all done via virtual reality. Oh, yes. You can see it for yourself here!