Falling in love with a bar and falling in love with a person are two very similar experiences. You will defend their flaws, even if deep down you know that the criticisms are valid. You might overrate them if you first see them in low light. And you fall more in love with them the drunker you get. There is one big difference between falling in love with a bar and falling for that special someone though. With loved ones, absence makes the heart grow fonder. With bars, you'll always fall hardest for that spot just around the corner.

The best college bars are those nestled on-campus. The place is always packed for a big game. Alumni flock there to try to sleep with drunk co-eds during Homecoming. You can always grab a drink between classes, and then decide that the walk across the quad to your bio lab is just too far, so you'd better stay put for another pint. We wanted to take a moment to salute those bars that lure students out of their dorms and shoddy apartments and become their second homes. These are the The 25 Best College Campus Bars.

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