As Seen In: The Dark Knight Rises (2012)
Other Significant Work: N/A
Place Of Birth: Eighty Four, PA

O'Ringer made her debut as an extra in last year's The Dark Knight Rises and everyone's been breathlessly awaiting the announcement of her next project. She promised an update to the situation on her xanga three months again, but since then, not a peep. Sadly, the president of the Taube O'Ringer Fan Club remains in a self-inflicted vegetative state, the result of a prolonged breath-holding session that restricted the flow of oxygen to her brain. (We're praying for you, Tammy Tams.)

By now, everyone knows the struggle of the little actress from Eighty Four, the town in Pennsylvania famous for its lumber and postal confusion. She was first discovered at the age of 34, working a pair of stilts outside the local diner for dinner change. Christopher Nolan's most trusted assistant dropped his to-go coffee when he met eyes with O'Ringer. The two will be wed in May. —RS