As Seen In: Magic Mike (2012)
Other Significant Work: Enthusiastic audience member at Dr. Oz
Place Of Birth: Trenton, NJ

When Penelope Dell walked into the audition for extra on Magic Mike, she knew what she was getting into. "It was about strippers," she said, "And I am all about strippers." Dell, the 36-year-old professional film extra, is no stranger to the business. She's known the ins and outs for 15 years, but this, so far, has been her most screen time. At the audition, most women showed that they could, indeed, get hot and bothered by Mathew McConaughey, but Dell, without a doubt, brings the "wow" factor. Critics are more than impressed with her work. One New York Post reviewer went as far as saying, "Dell brings something new to the table here. She's not just an actress, not just an extra. She has a look that says, 'Gimme a slice of that!' Make sure you keep an eye out for Penelope Dell in the Where's Waldo world of extras." —TA