Smoked Meat

Where: Mile End
Neighborhood: Noho
Address: 53 Bond St.
Cost: $14
Ingredients: Dry-cured Black Angus brisket, Mile End's spice cure blend, rye bread, mustard
Chef Says: "Curing and smoking the brisket the way we do takes time and results in a lower yield, but the resulting smoky and fatty meat is worth it. A good rye bread and some mustard is all the sandwich needs to make the meat shine." —James Merker, Executive Chef
Why We Love It: Mile End's meaty masterpiece is a testament to simplicity. There are only three elements to their famed smoked meat deluxe: mustard, rye bread, and brisket. Each ingredient serves its purpose; anything more would be superfluous. The brisket is oak-smoked for a minimum of two weeks, revealing a velvety, almost maroon meat with a sooty crust, charred with a matrix of spices. A thick layer of mustard between the brisket and two soft slices of rye bread provide contrast to the almost overwhelming richness of the meat, while a flash of yellow makes for a delicious lesson in color-blocking.