The Godfather

Where: Graham Ave. Meats & Deli
Neighborhood: Williamsburg
Address: 445 Graham Ave.
Cost: $7.50
Ingredients: Garlic, pepper, basil, olive oil, roasted peppers, spicy peppers, provolone cheese, mortadella, capicola, tomato, onion, and several more "secret spices"
Chef Says: "We only use Italian imported meats, and we always alternate the ingredients. It gives the Godfather a different taste each time, and our customers love that." —Letizia Virtuoso, Chef/Co-Owner
Why We Love ItThe Godfather is the stuff of sandwich legends. Several chefs on this list admitted that Graham Avenue's Italian sub was their personal favorite, and if you're looking for disagreement, look elsewhere. The charismatic staff (shout out to Vinny's lamb-carving skills) is just part of Graham Avenue's charm. The sandwich is choose your own adventure; you can order it mild, medium, or spicy. Spicy is the superior option, with the zesty peppers playing the perfect foil to the thick layers of capicola, mortadella and provolone piled on the vinegar-soaked bread. Don't worry; the bread's integrity is not compromised. It's soft, but tough enough to withstand the force of many Italian meats. Owner Gennaro Virtuoso tells us he's never shared the actual recipe, and has no plans of ever doing so. And really, we don't blame him. 

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