Where: Animals
Neighborhood: East Village
Address138 Ave. C
Cost: $9
Ingredients: Slab bacon braised with bourbon, apple cider, rosemary and maple syrup, vinegar slaw, avocado, refried beans, chili mayo, pickled jalapeno, frisée, tomato

Chef Says: "I love the sandwich because it embodies three things that I love: the layers of flavor of a Mexican Torta, some of the sweetness and tenderness of a pulled pork sandwich, and of course, bacon." —Robert Ceraso, Chef/Partner
Why We Love It: Animals' pulled bacon sandwich shows no restraint, and we like that in a sandwich. There's a barbecue element owed to the slight smokiness of the pulled slab bacon, a hearty dollop of refried beans, creamy avocado slices, and some seriously spicy jalapenos (which we should mention, are optional). All stops are pulled. Plus, how often do you see pulled bacon served with a side of animal crackers? Exactly.

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