Good sandwiches are not dainty. If you eat a good sandwich properly, your cheeks will be smeared with mustard and your new white button down will be stained with tiny flecks of balsamic. There's no proper way to go about eating a sandwich. There's just a gnashing of teeth, and a wild grab for napkins. You just pray you can keep the bread and meat parts together, and not be stuck with just one or the other at the end.

In a city that takes itself as seriously as New York does (read: tasting menus that feature lemongrass-flavored air and napkins with elaborate folds) eating something with your hands is a much-needed respite from the requisite civility of dining with multiple forks. 

We may occasionaly drop an entire paycheck on fine dining, but we run on sandwiches. Bite down on the greatest thing between bread the city has to offer: The 10 Best Sandwiches in NYC Right Now, In GIFs.

Written by Shanté Cosme (@ShanteCosme)

Photography and Video by Liz Barclay (@LizBarclay)

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