Breaking scientific news! A new study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine claims that there is no direct correlation between viewing pornography at a young age and going out and "performing wild sex acts." Basically, it's suggesting that the viewing of pornography is only one factor in shaping the behavior of young people - AKA, porn isn't corrupting the youth. 

In a nutshell, researchers in the Netherlands anonymously surveyed 4,600 people between the ages of 15-25 to ask if they'd ever viewed pornography. Their findings, unsurprisingly, were that 90 percent of the males had, and about half of the females had - in just the previous year. 

The study has many porn stars feeling relieved and gratified, according to The Huffington Post, though they're quick to say that they knew this all along. Like Dana Vespoli:

"The idea that pornography in and of itself causes problematic sexual behavior is absurd in the same way that listening to Marilyn Manson doesn't turn you into a serial killer or watching Michael Bay movies doesn't turn you into a pyromaniac."

And adult film veteran Nina Hartley

"In my 30-year career as an adult entertainer and advocate for sexual literacy, it's nice to see an article about pornography's influence on behavior going beyond the usual, 'Porn: Threat or Menace?' trope usually seen in media discussions on this topic...Adult entertainment is just one factor in the socialization of young adults and my experience with consumers tells me that it's a positive in their lives."

And Lexi Love:

"Porn has always been the dirty secret until recently...Mainstream television and movies are embracing X-rated stars more and more and beginning to realize that not everyone who watches porn has sexual aggression or problems with intimate relationships...If anything the sexually explicit material we create helps to lead viewers to explore and embrace sex with their partners, lovers and friends more freely with less judgments."

And Allie Haze:

"It's nice to see that people are finally responding to porn in a positive manner...I never got into porn to influence people, but [to] inspire [them] to be informed and confident in who they are when exploring their sexual experiences."

Melissa Monet's comment was a little more colorful, but still straight to the point:

"Hell, there are plenty of sex acts I've seen, but never engaged in, and I would venture to say, I'm no shrinking violet."

So, good news! For some people, anyway. 

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[via Huffington Post]