Earlier this week, Phillip Steinberg walked into a Village Pizza in Spring Hills, FL and attempted to rob it. The woman behind the desk wasn't afraid; in fact, she calmly denied him. Authorities say Steinberg showed up wearing the standard robber uniform (black ski mask and gloves) and demanded the money from the register while flashing a knife. 

The clerk looked at him, laughed and replied "no." 

Apparently, she thought he was joking. Apparently, he's just a joke—Steinberg charged it to the game and walked out of the store. Fortunately, another employee got a good look at his face when he took the mask off (what an amateur) and a passing motorist suspected that a man removing a ski mask while leaving a business is a tell-tale sign of something bad.

After a phone call and about twelve minutes, Steinberg was in custody.

[via Miami New Times]