A South Carolina man was arrested when his dealings with a prostitute went as far as pawning his wedding ring to fund the tryst. He told police his actions were motivated by "trouble at home." The trouble at home is just beginning for Marvin Holmes ll

Police in Greenwood, SC were combing an area that's notorious for "prostitution and drug activity" when they noticed Holmes with a known prostitute riding shotgun in his vehicle. After being stopped, Holmes told police that he picked up Rhonda Kelley, 41, and then pawned his wedding ring for $20 at Apache Pawn. Kelly allegedly used the money to buy crack, and the two got high while fooling around inside of his car. 

However, Holmes noted that they didn't go all the way because Kelly "wasn't acting right." Kelly was arrested for solicitation of prostitution and marijuana possession. In addition to the prostitution charge, Holmes was busted for driving without a license.

But that's noting. The real trouble for Holmes began the second his wife found out about this.

[via Gawker]