7:40 PM: There are conflicting reports of the suspect not moving, and the suspect moving.

7:30 PM: In the event that you're curious, this is what it's like to be right next to the house every cop in Boston is seemingly looking at right now:

7:25 PM: This could be it: The conclusion to the fugitive hunt for the Boston Marathon bombing suspects.

Not long after the mayor of Boston had lifted the ordinance for a large slice of Boston to stay indoors this afternoon, shots rang out in Watertown, the part of the city where last night's shootout between the Boston Marathon bombing suspects and police went down. News reports haven't characterized whether or not it is, in fact, the suspect, but we do know: What sounded like 21 shots rang out, a body was found near a boat, and that person—dead or alive—appears to be the Boston Marathon suspect, as the Boston Globe was told by a source.

Local news coverage from Boston is here. The live NBC News feed is here.