A couple of weekends ago, we told you about a cocaine ring on the Lower East Side who ruined their operation by not only selling drugs to undercover cops, but also flashing their beloved illegal lifestyle on Facebook on Instagram. On top of that, they took the party promoter approach to drug dealing: They sent out text blasts.

On Friday, several customers were in court to face a judge, and boy did the Blocc Boyz have a diverse customer base. Among their clients were 32-year-old artist Andrew Ohanesian, 56-year-old investment banker Thomas Vanderslice and 26-year-old bartender Alicia Elett. Ohanesian probably had the most entertaining arrest, as a bag of coke fell out of his pants while he was doing the perp walk. Assistant District Attorney Michelle Warren says he even tried to kick it under the table. Those artists; so crafty.

This basically highlights what we already know: Cocaine users come from all walks of life. Bricks of that white unite everyone from investment bankers to artists.

[via Gothamist]