At least nobody can call this guy selfish. Stupid definitely fits him, though.

23-year-old Michael Medvec was arrested Friday night in the historic Old City section of Philadelphia for trying to pay his cab fare in weed. It was $8 dog; that's unacceptable. Anyway, according to Police Captain Brian Korn, Medvec tried to slide the cab driver a bag of weed on the humble because he was short on cash. The driver was not interested in the transaction.

Unfortunately for Medvec, police officers were just a few feet away, and the driver summoned them and told them about Medvec's proposed deal. Korn explained that police are expected to do their jobs, no matter how trivial an offense may seem. "You do something silly, you need to get spanked a little," he said, sounding just a little bit too excited to mention spankings.

Medvec was released on Saturday after being charged with possession.

[via The Huffington Post]

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