Walt Jr. (RJ Mitte) has become a bit of a rebel over the past five seasons of Breaking Bad - as much as one can be while still wearing polos and plaid, anyway. But hey, can we blame him? His dad's a straight up sociopathic meth cook who calls himself Heisenberg, and his mother is going crazy trying to protect him from finding out that his dad is, well, a sociopathic meth cook who calls himself Heisenberg. It's the sort of situation that would stress any kid out to the point of changing his name to Flynn and cursing at his authority figures. 

A new photoshoot for the NSFW mag Dark Beauty, though, shows a much darker side to Walt Jr.'s rebel phase - complete with full-on rocker attire, leather, chain accessories, and scantily-clad girls fondling him. Has Walt Jr. finally been pushed over the edge? What happened to that sweet boy who just wanted breakfast food and a happy family (but mostly breakfast food)? 

OK, so the photoshoot is actually Mitte the actor and not Walt Jr. the character, but still - this is just too weird. Check out the photos above, if you dare. Is that eyeliner?!

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[via Vulture]